The person behind FlexPro ES is Stijn Van der Kerken.

After completing my Bachelor in Electromechanics degree in 2002, I started working as technician in the food and paper sector.  My primary responsibility was troubleshooting low-voltage controls, instrumentation, control panels and frequency drives.  During these first two years I learned to troubleshoot and resolve technical problems using a logical approach, and this certainly contributed to get hands-on experience in the field.

After two years of fieldwork I decided to join a program to retrain myself to Master in Electromechanics.  This was a full-time education of two years, with a focus on the theoretical courses during the first year to catch up with the regular students, who had three years to get to this stage.  The second year I joined the other students in their final year and graduated together with them.

After graduating in august 2006 I started working as E&I engineer with a US company that sells licences and processtechnology for the Oil refining, petrochemical and gas processing sectors.  My responsibilities were generating specifications according to client specs, follow up, testing and inspection of the E&I part of the units (instrumentation, automatic valves, control panels, ...), as well as precommissioning the units on site.

During April 2012 I started working as freelance E&I engineer.